SkinCeuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst Improves the Efficacy of Anti-aging Treatments

Skin Ceuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst

SkinCeuticals has launched the Cell Cycle Catalyst, a lightweight serum developed to improve the efficacy of anti-aging treatments, both at-home and in-office.

The serum addresses key signs of aging head-on, providing a comprehensive solution to accelerate cellular turnover, boost cellular energy and vitality, stimulate barrier renewal and eliminate dead surface cells. Cell turnover is a naturally occurring process in which the outer layers of the skin shed their dead cells and replace them with new cells. Age and external factors decrease the speed of this renewal, resulting in dead cells and debris accumulating on the skin's surface. This manifests as visible signs of aging like discoloration, wrinkles and roughness.

Cell Cycle Catalyst is powered in part by a 7.7% Multi-Acid Complex (alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids) to assist in accelerating cell turnover and 1% Taurine (a potent amino acid) to help boost cellular energy and maintain optimal cellular hydration. 

After 8 weeks, average results include:

  • 21% reduction of global fine lines
  • 16% reduction of discoloration
  • 13% reduction of visible pores
  • 15% enhanced appearance of skin radiance
  • 16% visible improvement of acne marks

"SkinCeuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst represents the next evolution in skincare innovation," says Angela Hildebrand, general manager of SkinCeuticals U.S. "Cell Cycle Catalyst exemplifies our positioning as a pioneer in cosmeceuticals and our dedication to delivering transformative results to our customers both at-home and in tandem with their clinical procedures in-office."

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